Living Nature | Walking, riding, playing golf | Visiting antics & yard sales

Take advantage of the hotel and the surroundings:

  • The garden
  • The heated pool
  • The village of Moutiers-au-Perche
  • Visit the Natural Park of Le Perche and discover:

  • A living nature
  • The Percheron horse
  • The small villages
  • The Antique shops and yard sales

  • Visit this blog which is very complete: Week end dans le Perche.
    Visit this the official site of: Le Parc Naturel du Perche.
    This article published in the New York Times descibes very well the spirit of the place : "France’s Le Perche Is the Last Terroir".

    A bit more energetic activities:

  • Hiking and Cycling
    Consult this website to find all the hiking itineraries in Le Perche: Itinéraires du Perche

  • A horse riding center at Moutiers: Perch'orizon

  • Percheron horse drawn carriage in forest : Attelage naturaliste dans le Perche

  • Three 18 holes golf courses at less from 30 km: Golf de Bellême | Golf de Souancé au Perche | Golf du Bois d'O

  • Looking for mushrooms...